Val’s Story

Well, what can I say? As some of you lovely people have already learnt, ALOT.

So grab yourself a coffee and some cake, a glass of Prosecco, Gin, whatever tickles your fancy and hold onto your seats! Actually I only have up to 500 words.

I can not believe it was only last year that I embarked on another ‘roller coaster’ time of my life. I was sat listening to Radio York, thinking; ‘Will they ever stop talking and play some music?’, when the York Fashion Week Team first came into my life, like an unstoppable force!

I am not entirely sure who was on the radio, it could have been the lovely Angela Horner or the amazing Nicky Hayer, but they were talking about wanting real-life models. I knew that being such a poser in the early Eighties and having a love for fashion would have come in handy one day – and here the opportunity appeared!
My ears instantly pricked up. I was hooked from day one.

I managed to catch that they wanted people to send in a headshot and a full-length photo of themselves, as their hunt for YFW models had begun. So the search for the right photos began.

I was ok with the full length one; I just put my Docs on and took a selfie in the mirror… I knew it was the headshot that would be more problematic because, I am, how should I put it? Extremely vain, but also very critical of myself. I am sure we can all relate to that last one.

I also knew they wanted people to show their personality, and it was then I remembered a photo that I had sent to my sister. This photo was taken during an extremely busy period of my life; I had gone to bed and then got up to go to the toilet and just because I am so vain, I looked in the mirror… to discover that I had gone to bed with my earrings still in! I wouldn’t have minded if I had been drunk. I burst out laughing and took a picture. Well, thank goodness I did. I like to think that it was the headshot that got me the casting, maybe YFW would say different?

I have so much more to share with you, like the day of the casting, my actually modelling, the kind and caring words of models, family, organisers, designers, a Drag Queen, film director, BBC Radio York and hard-working members of staff at the events, but I must leave it there for now.

Thank you York Fashion Week for enriching my life and helping me through a difficult time.

Here’s to 2020!

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