Model. Influencer. NHS Nurse. Hero.

Andy Taylor Boocock, AKA Very_Inky_Dude, is a much-loved and well-known member of the #YFWcommunity. However, there’s far more to Andy when you look behind his powerful tattoos and influential modelling repertoire…

Andy is one of 300,000 NHS nurses helping to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Well before his modelling career kicked off, Andy began nursing in 1988 as a health care support worker at Middleton Hospital in Ilkley. In 1997 he took a slight career jump and became a Paramedic in Calderdale, working his way up the ladder to become a field base assessor where he worked alongside newly qualified and re-qualifying paramedics.

By 2007, Andy chose a completely different route and decided to take a break from his previous career and joined Virgin Atlantic for 18 months. In his own words, “I was paid to fly the world and party all over the world, best job ever!”. However, a life of achieving his wanderlust goals didn’t fulfil Andy in a way that his emergency work did.

He returned to his post as an A&E staff nurse at Bury, Airedale then Manchester. Andy later returned to his post at Airedale and to this day adores and appreciates his position as much as his first role in 1988. By working long days and nights, Andy has the time to squeeze in his modelling career and promotional work. And of course, attend as many parties as he can fit into a seven-day week.

If you have ever spoken with Andy, you will know of the positivity and confidence that he circulates and shares with people. You leave the conversation feeling inspired and that you could quite literally rule the world one day (no exaggeration). His messages are always signed off with a notion of positivity and love which is very much needed and respected in today’s world.

It is an honour to be able to say that here at YFW we are friends of Andy and we are forever grateful for the work that he is doing to protect and care for our nation.

In the words of Andy… “stay positive and enjoy life always”.

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