Let’s Talk About Plus Size Fashion And How To Elevate It

Plus size fashion is a sentence that most people either love, hate or not know too much about. When I say plus size fashion I know I speak on behalf of a lot of gorgeous people who walk into a shop, see the stock goes up to a 16 and then walk out. I do the same. I am going to share some tips on how to elevate your inner confidence and how you can really easily feel good about yourself. All our bodies go through journeys, our body shapes will change but don’t see it as a bad thing. That is life. You just need to find a way to feel comfortable and happy with your body as it is right now and celebrate the shape you are. Most importantly I want to stress that you can literally wear what you want. There are no rules in fashion apart from the ones you naturally set yourself. Dress for you, no one else so if you like something wear it. Don’t save it.

When it comes to plus size fashion, I have been plus size most of my life so I know that on the Highstreet the shops that actually cater for us are few and far between. The first thing I want to say is that each retailer’s sizing is completely different. We all know that you could be a size 12 somewhere and a size 18 somewhere else but that is no reflection on your shape. Each company gets sent specific blocks to cut from which is why sizing is never consistent so my first tip is never get hung up on size. It is just a number and it doesn’t define who you are.

The online fashion world is completely different. We have a presence online a lot more than we use to and we now have the option of so many different shops. Shops that can make us feel trendy and stylish. As an example: Simply Be, ASOS Curve, Live Unlimited and Lovedrobe. These are just a few websites where you will feel at home and you will see that they are all inclusive going up to a size 32. The shop has to suit you though, so take some time out to have a look on them all to find one that you truly and you think reflects on your personal style. I would very often recommend having a personal styling appointment to give you some guidance on these online websites, whether it be with myself or any of the other fantastic personal stylists. We all strive to give you your confidence back and it isn’t as scary as you think. I promise. We just give you suggestions and a bit of a place to start and the rest we leave to you.

The next tip I want to give you all is about experimenting with colour. The perception around plus size women wearing dark colours needs to go because it is completely wrong. For years we were used to seeing size 18+ fashion and every item seems to be dark and uninspiring. Why? I wish I knew the answer because plus size women need to be seen. We deserve to be seen and wearing colour plays such an important part in giving us a confidence boost and changing how we feel. This may sound scary at first because you might not be ready to wear colour, and that is completely fine. We simply need to work on elevating our wardrobe. Believe me I spent half my life wearing head to toe black until I properly learnt about colour and the science behind it. It literally is all in your mind. How many times have you been in a shop and loved something but put it back because you just aren’t confident in trying the colour? You won’t be alone, but I really want you to try it and see how you feel.

If you ever wanted to try out a colour you weren’t sure of, now is the best time to go for it. With a lot of us working from home or having time at home use it to experiment. If you aren’t ready but want to try something by using accessories such as jewellery, scarves or even just a lipstick, it will have the same effect as a coloured top. A top tip that I learnt was if the colour reflects onto your face somehow, it is doing the right job. So if you want to wear black, why not pair it with a coloured scarf or a pair of coloured earrings and see how you feel. Remember you can always take it off.

I am not going to tell you to immediately wear a rainbow of colours. However in the colour world naturally there are colours that will elevate not only your wardrobe but also your mood and I want you to think about it and at least try one to see how you feel.


Red, the colour that most people are terrified to wear. I will start by saying that there will be a shade of red to suit everyone. Red or any of the red family like a pink or an orange are natural confidence boosters. They each have properties to make you feel a lot more motivated and confident. Wearing any of the red family will give you that power. You will normally find people who are motivational speakers or people who are giving a public speech will wear red because it will not only make them look like a boss but also it will make them feel like one. So by even adding a red lipstick to your outfit if that’s all you can manage it will still give you that elevation and that boost. Pink is the first colour I went for when I was experimenting, pink is more feminine and a bit softer than a red so it is a good place to start. Pink is also a trend for 2021 so you will be seeing it everywhere.


Blue is the most desirable colour to start with, it doesn’t appear to be as out there as a red but if you can change from black to navy then that is the best way to experiment. Blue, unlike red, is the colour of calm so if you want to relax your mind then blue is the way to go. A blue or any of the blue family like a navy or a purple are such peaceful colours, have you noticed that you feel calm when you are on the beach or when you go to a spa? It is all because of the colour that surrounds you. Wearing blue for the day will give you a really relaxed state of mind, I always recommend wearing it to bed because naturally it gives you such a good sleep.


Yellow is the last colour I am going to share with you because it is another one that people are scared to wear. Yellow is a very spring/summer colour and is also this year’s pantone colour. That is because it is the colour of positivity and happiness, which we definitely all need this year. Wearing yellow like the sun makes you feel warm. It gives you positive vibes throughout the day and I would always recommend wearing it on those days you just need an extra boost. Whether it be as a gold necklace or a yellow scarf I would recommend this to anyone who needs to feel a bit more positive.

Every single colour has its own properties, they each make you feel different, and if you would like any more advice please talk to me. I love colour and can talk about it for days so I will definitely be able to help you identify the shades you should try.

If I can give you one tip from reading this it is to think about elevating your wardrobe. Even by adding one different colour it will make such a big difference to how you are feeling. Plus size fashion is always changing and finally recognising that women deserve to be shown off no matter what size they wear. So, experiment with colour and print, try different fashion brands but most importantly if you like it then wear it.

Laura Tippett-Wilson

Instagram: @styledby_laura

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