“Bloom from the inside outwards” with Time To Bloom

Time to Bloom is a holistic skin clinic in Yorkshire that was founded on an incredible message of empowerment, age positivity and the beauty of wellness – to encourage a 360-degree approach to beauty, and feeling beautiful both inside and out. The clinic offers high-end skincare and aesthetic procedures with the latest techniques and products.

“We believe the happiest people are those that have a healthy balance between their emotional and physical well-being. How we feel on the inside has a direct correlation with how we feel on the outside. At Time to Bloom we champion a holistic approach to beauty, we look beyond the surface, providing you with the tools needed to achieve a true sense of wellbeing from inside out.”

The business’ founder Lubna is an NHS surgeon training in Plastic Surgery. Working in the field of Plastics and aesthetics, Lubna observed that at a time when there is so much pressure to look good, people resort to aesthetic procedures often at clinics with little regard for safety or who recreate the same look for every client, not appreciating their individuality. Whilst she understands why people choose to undergo such treatments, Lubna also realised that the industry can play on people’s insecurities, and that offering cosmetic treatments can sometimes be only a temporary solution to a bigger problem – of confidence within oneself and one’s appearance. After taking time out of her NHS work for maternity leave and embarking on motherhood, Lubna found the lack of time to look after oneself and the fear of ageing often lead to a loss of identity. With this, came the inspiration for a new venture – Time to Bloom.

Photography by Joanne Crawford

Time to Bloom is about more than just cosmetic treatments. Lubna focuses on a holistic approach throughout her customers’ journey and sees her role as a ‘skineducator’, wanting to use Time to Bloom as an educational platform to help clients understand their skin and to raise much-needed awareness around the safety of undergoing aesthetics procedures. She works to instil a healthier and more positive outlook within her clients and to encourage respect of oneself and the celebration of individuality. Her goal for the clinic is to create a haven, where clients can feel confident they are in safe hands with well-trained and respected professionals who fundamentally care for your overall wellbeing. Every client is unique and so treatments are bespoke and tailored to your skin type and concern – “we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach”.

Beyond treatments in the clinic, Lubna is also looking to host regular events, which look at beauty from all angles, working with a network of specialists such as life-coaches, nutritionists, fashion brands and stylists – eventually building up a network of ‘Bloomers’. “Through an ever-changing calendar of seasonal events, talks and workshops we want to bring together a community of like-minded individuals to encourage real conversation around beauty, tweakments and wellness to help bring balance to your life and inspire you to live your life more beautifully and to bloom.”

Some of the most popular treatments offered at Time to Bloom are the wonderful facials. These include the world-renowned Aquagold facial, made famous by stars such as Kim Kardashian and Abbey Clancy. Lubna brings the latest skincare technology to Yorkshire, using a gold micro-infusion device to ‘stamp’ one’s face and infusing it with a bespoke cocktail of ingredients including Botox and fillers. These are tailored to the client’s needs, and can be used for brightening and resurfacing, which revitalises the complexion whilst delivering key ingredients to the skin. Lubna then personalises the treatment further by combining it with other treatments, such as the LED mask, or elements of the popular Fire and Ice facial or Eastern influenced Gua sha Facial.

Photography by Joanne Crawford

In delivering treatments, Lubna ensures that only the highest quality products are used. Time to Bloom uses only companies that are truly inline with its own values, meaning that they are effective and potent, as well as being sustainable. These include the science based clean skincare brand iS Clinical and the fast growing wellness brand Hayo’u, both leading companies in the industry, reiterating the importance placed on quality and results, alongside the clinic’s important message. Lubna has also sought to make these products available to clients at home, at this time of social distancing, and has recently launched a ‘Wellbeing Shop’ on the Time to Bloom site. In addition to this, Lubna is offering free skincare consultations via Skype.

Take a look at the Time to Bloom page on our business directory here to learn more about what is on offer at this time of challenge, or check out their website directly.

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